Welcome to Family-Based Education, a website dedicated to inform and encourage families who are interested in educating their children at home.

Kathleen McCurdy has been part of the homeschool movement for many years, first as a pioneer homeschool mom of five, back in the ‘60s and ‘70s, later as a lobbyist for homeschool legislation in the ‘80s in Washington State, as a speaker and presenter in various homeschool conventions across the country in the ‘90s, and finally as the first promoter of homeschooling in South America, starting in 2003.

Here, we offer counsel, anecdotes and suggestions that have been proven most effective in raising happy, well-educated children with the ability to think for themselves and to become successful members of society.

Parents will have to decide for themselves how they will go about the task of educating their child. But we wish to suggest that you avoid the tendency to imitate methods used in formal schooling. This leaves the children with the uncomfortable necessity of living with their “teachers”.  In reality, what children most need is the example of loving parents to guide and support them in their own learning efforts.

Please take the time to read the material, and then send us any questions you may still have. We promise to answer as quickly and thoroughly as possible, for questions are our specialty! And don’t forget to check back, as we will be adding material from time to time.

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